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Psychologist Scottsdale & Phoenix

Are you looking for Family Counseling, Couples Counseling or other Psychological Services?

Dr. Martin Keller is an experienced and compassionate counselor, serving patients in the Phoenix metro area. If you are experiencing relational issues, anxiety, depression, ADHD, sexual issues, or parent / child differences, please contact our office. Not only is Dr. Keller a noted Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, he serves his patients in a number of critical areas as: a child psychologist, a family counselor and providing psychotherapy services for adults, children, and couples.

Dr. Keller also provides anxiety and depression counseling services, along with marriage counseling and divorce/recovery counseling.
Please call today to get more information about the psychological counseling services Dr. Keller provides his patients.

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Types of Counseling and Psychotherapy Provided:

  • Child Psychology
  • Adolescent Counseling
  • Adults Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling

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Published Articles

  • Parenting My ADHD Child "Is Killing Me" 
    Family Counselor, Dr. Martin Keller discusses the strains of parenting children with learning disabilities.

  • Round-Up Burnout 
    In this article from Roundup Magazine, Dr. Martin Keller discusses physician burnout and its impact, and he offers some modes of response to the problems.

  • If It's Wednesday... 
    In this article, Dr. Martin Keller describes the value of peer consultation groups for psychotherapists.
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Counseling Services

Dr. Keller is here to provide you with a warm, inviting atmosphere and attentive ear. We offer family counseling, couples counseling, and other psychological counseling services in a safe and private environment.


I’ve had reason to seek help from Dr. Keller a number of times over the years, on behalf of various children and young adults. The wide range of services and issues he’s helped me address include aggression and acting out, sibling rivalry, and even Asperger’s syndrome.
Without exception, Dr. Keller's approach combines wisdom, understanding, empathy, and good humor; the latter quality is not commonly found, but it sure enhances the impact of his advice. I strongly recommend this skilled family counselor!
My former husband and I were advised to find family counseling in Scottsdale, Arizona when our son was in elementary school and struggling with understanding our recent divorce.
We were referred to Dr. Keller and after a thorough evaluation; he diagnosed our son with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We were relieved to receive a prompt diagnosis along with constructive and practical coaching and services available for helping our son adjust to having ADHD. 
As a child Psychologist, Dr. Keller forged an extremely good bond with our son; he really knows how to communicate and connect with children on their level, by entering their world and making them feel valued. Our child quickly improved in his academic, social and athletic endeavors. Dr. Keller got our son on a solid path to living well with ADHD.​
I knew that by his reputation, Dr. Keller would provide the type of empathetic and insightful family counseling that would benefit and strengthen our relationships with our children, as well as their relationships with each other.
Dr. Keller delivered that and more. What we didn't know about Dr. Keller, was that he is a very personable guy, easy to speak with, and with a really good sense of humor.  

Dr. Keller put the family at ease, and we all related to him very well. It is not at all surprising that Dr. Keller is also known one of the top Child Psychologists in the Phoenix area. One of our kids actually asked to be seen by Dr. Keller outside of our Family Counseling sessions.
Dr. Keller has helped many of my patients over the years whether it be ADHD, counseling for depression, anxiety or the many stressors of life.
I give him my full recommendation as a child psychologist and family counselor for helping people in time of need.
Dr. Michael Stamps—Paradise Pediatrics, AZ

Dr Martin Keller Diplomate in Clinical Psychology


Dr. Martin Keller is a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology and treats or counsels adults, adolescents, children, families and couples in the Phoenix metro area. He is on the staff of several hospitals including: Scottsdale HealthCare, John C Lincoln and Abrazo Scottsdale Campus (formerly Paradise Valley Hospital).
In addition to his private family counseling, and counseling children and parents, he is also a child psychologist for school staffings; assisting teachers, school counselors and principals to create an encouraging educational atmosphere for children.
Dr. Keller has been in private, clinical practice for more than 35 years. He is also the past president of both the Scottsdale Psychological Society, and the Phoenix Psychoanalytic Study Group. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology and is listed in the National Register of Health Providers in Psychology ... Read More

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